Customer Reviews for Accurate Roofing in Los Angeles, CA

Customer Reviews for Accurate Roofing in Los Angeles, CAAt Accurate Roofing, we know how important it is that roofing is done right. We're passionate about our craft and do our work meticulously so that your roof provides optimal protection from the elements. We strive to always exceed our customers' expectations by providing accurate estimates, flawless work, friendly service, and fair rates. And we greatly appreciate it when our customers offer feedback about their experiences with us. Here are some of our customer reviews.

"We just had a complete roofing job done. Accurate Roofing's estimator and project manager, Art Mendoza was there for us through the whole process, from start to finish. My wife and I appreciated the fact that Art took his time to answer our questions and any concerns we had. It was Art who pulled the permit and met with the city inspector. Art made sure that everything ran smoothly down to the crew, which by the way, did a great job. We are pleased with the workmanship and the look of our new roof. If you have any roofing needs, we recommend that you contact Art Mendoza from Accurate Roofing."---R. M.

"6 unit HOA needed a complete roofing replacement/repair. Mediterranean-styled roof. Our place was 3 stories high. They kept us apprised the whole time when they needed to order replacement plywood, wood sheets and tiles. We had old wood rot from water damage over several units, which coincided with previous water leaks. They were very straightforward. Their technique was a better way to seal the roof. The only hiccup, which wasn't because of the company, was having a full crew of workers each day. No surprise with this labor market. There might have been some other HOAs that might have been impatient with the extended timeline, but we all appreciated the fact that the workers did not rush and they did the job correctly. The site manager, Art Mendoza was very professional and I could reach him or he would promptly get back to me. They did a great job keeping the areas clean as much as possible. We were still able to access our garages with our cars, and they worked with all of us to let us in and out in a manageable way." -- R. Lutz

"Great work at great prices, the customer service is great as well. The only roofing company I'll ever use!!" -- Bryan S.

"Art Mendoza, an excellent representative for Accurate Roofing! An excellent company. They really value their customers and they are very good to their customers. I'm very satisfied with their work and plan to work with him on any roofing problem that I may have in the future. They treated me very well." -- Yasmin J.

Roofer in Los Angeles

When you need a roofer in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, contact Accurate Roofing at (424) 348-7582. Feel free to give us a call today to request a free roofing estimate in Los Angeles!

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Posted: October 2022

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Customer Reviews for Accurate Roofing in Los Angeles, CA
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