Great Tips for Commercial Roof Maintenance

Great Tips for Commercial Roof MaintenanceOwning a business of any size is a lot of work, even without having to worry about the structure of the physical building it resides in. If you purchased your own building for your business it is up to you to ensure the grounds and the building remain in good shape. One of the biggest investments you can make for a commercial building is a brand new roof. When it is time for a new roof for your office, store, warehouse, industrial plaza or other commercial space, don't put it off. In the meantime, use these tips for commercial roof maintenance to keep it in the best possible shape.

Bi-Annual Visual Roof Inspection

Two times a year, usually spring and fall, complete a full visual roof inspection. Look for loose shingles or broken tiles, or other damage to the roofing material used on your building, including flat roofs. Be sure to check for issues around areas of roof penetration such as vents and chimneys. Peek around the joints and eaves to make sure there are no signs of major wear and tear.

Identify Roof Leaks

Walk through the interior of your building and check the ceiling for any signs of roof leaks. The most obvious signs are black spots or wet spots on the ceiling, or depending on if there is an attic or not, you may be able to see skylight above. If you find t trouble to be present you will want to contact an expert roofer to have the leak professionally repaired.

Clear Brush

Don't allow trees or other brush grow over the roof. Leaves and needles can wreak havoc on your roof.

Clean Gutters

Make sure the gutters and downspouts are always clear so water can be properly drained from the roof. If gutters become blocked water can back up and seep into the lower roofing, resulting major damage to the roof deck and other structural components.

Have Roof Damage Professionally Repaired

If you do notice damage use a professional roofer to have it fixed, as the roof helps support the structural integrity of the building. If you need commercial roof maintenance in Los Angeles reach out to Accurate Roofing. Our team of expert commercial roofers would be happy to assist with the care of your building. To learn more about our services or to request an estimate for commercial roof repair in LA give us a call at (424) 348-7582 today.

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