How to Find the Source of a Roof Leak

How to Find the Source of a Roof LeakIf you can speak with confidence and knowledge about a roofing problem with a qualified roofing contractor then you're likely going to be able to save money in the long run. These tips will help you diagnose the cause of a roof leak. Leaky roofs can cause serious damage to a home's structural integrity and its interior. At the first sign of a leak you should try to find the source of it and then call a professional roofer to have the problem fixed. When a leak becomes apparent start with these steps to find the root cause.

Interior Damage

Your first clue as to where the leak is will be where it is dripping on the inside. Common interior signs of a roof leak include darkened black spots on the ceiling. Chances are the leak will be above that area of damage, but with a sloped roof, it may not be a direct drip.

Visual Inspection of the Roof

Stand afar and look for damaged or missing shingles near the suspected leak area. Be sure to look for exposed roofing tacks. If shingle lift off the roof, break, or crumble with light handling, replacement roofing will need to be installed immediately.

Attic Inspection

If you have an attic in your home grab a flashlight go up there to check to see if you can spot where the leak is originating.

Roof Penetrations

Inspect areas near roof penetrations, such as chimneys, skylights or pipes. Problems in these areas is more common because they are vulnerable to wind damage.

Call a Roofer Repair Specialist

Whether you believe you know where the leak is coming from or not it is important to contact a professional roofer to have the issue resolved before it causes bigger issues.

If not dealt with quickly, a leaky roof can cause major troubles for your home. If you become aware of a roof leak in LA reach out to Accurate Roofing. Our team of expert commercial and residential roofers will find the problem area and get it properly repaired. To request a quote for roofing in LA give us a call at (424) 348-7582 today.

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