How Weather can Cause Roof Damage

How Weather can Cause Roof DamageYour roof is the home's protector from the elements, but it also helps hold up the walls. If your home's roof suffers roof damage it could critically hinder the structural integrity of the entire house, which is why it is important to have any damages checked out as soon as they are noticed. Many roofing issues are caused by foul weather events, so you should always contact a professional roofer in your area following any storm to check for new or potential problems. Here is a quick explanation of how poor weather can result roofing damage, which can require emergency roof repair.


Heavy downpours can overflow gutters which allows for rain to seep into the roofing deck and between roof shingles at gutter level. This may lead to major structural damage to the joints between the roof and the walls of your house. If not dealt with in a quick manner this can greatly compromise the wood's ability to hold the weight of the roof.

High Wind

Fast winds carrying debris is another common cause of roofing damage. Any object that strikes the home's roof may cause shingles or tiles to break or loosen, which greatly increases the chances of a roof leak.


Hail storms are a common cause of roof damage, especially when the hailstones are the size of silver dollars or bigger. Hail can rip apart older shingles and crack tile roofing if the conditions are right. Following a hailstorm be sure to give your roof a solid visual roof inspection to see if you can detect any signs of a problem.


While quite uncommon, lightning can strike a roof from time to time. It is most likely to hit near areas of roof penetration, such as metal vents. To avoid lightning damage to your home consider the installation of a lightning rod.

If you suspect foul weather has caused damage to your roof, don't hesitate to contact a professional roofer to have it checked out. If you need roof repair in LA contact Accurate Roofing. We provide quality roof repair, installation and maintenance for residential and commercial buildings. To learn more, or to request an estimate for roofing in LA give us a call at (424) 348-7582 today.

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