6 Reasons to Choose Asphalt Shingle Roofing

6 Reasons to Choose Asphalt Shingle RoofingFor roofing that is both durable and budget-friendly, asphalt shingles are definitely a great option. Since asphalt roofing was invented in 1901, it has been the prefered type of roofing for millions of residential and commercial buildings. Here's a look at six reasons to install asphalt shingles.

Easy Maintenance

One of asphalt shingles' most desirable characteristics is durability. In most climates, it'll hold up strongly for twenty years with minimal maintenance. Typically, the only maintenance needed for asphalt shingles is the periodic clearing of twigs, branches, and other debris.

Low Repair Costs

If extreme weather, such as a windstorm, damages your asphalt shingles, replacement shingles can be installed at an affordable cost. Any reputable roofer will be able to replace asphalt shingles in a short period of time, helping to keep labor expenses down.

Easy to Install

With about 75% of homes in the United States having asphalt shingle roofing, the installation process has been perfected by any roofer who is reputable and experienced.


Asphalt shingles have a desirable weight-to-durability ratio, and typically won't put a worrisome level of strain on the roof's infrastructure. When re-roofing a home, this is beneficial because you probably won't need to strengthen the infrastructure to do the installation.


Asphalt shingles have been mass produced for several decades. Over this course of time, the industry has optimized the production process, ultimately passing on the savings to the consumer.

Aesthetic Appeal

For a crisp look that meshes well with suburban settings, asphalt shingles are a great option. They're available in a number of different color tones, so you should be able to create the look that you seek.

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Posted: June 27, 2020

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