3 Reasons to Never put off Gutter Maintenance

3 Reasons to Never put off Gutter MaintenanceIt's one of the most hated housing chores, but also one of the most necessary; cleaning the gutters. A clogged gutter system can wreak havoc on a home, potentially resulting in major structural problems. It's extremely important to keep gutters clear of debris such as twigs, leaves, sticks and other organic material that can build up in the gutters so there is no stopping or slowing of the flow of water. Standing water is the main ingredient for a perfect storm of housing trouble. Here are three major problems that can result from clogged gutters, so be sure to have them cleaned at least once a year!

A Bug's Life

As plant material collects and begins to halt the flow of water in the gutter system many bugs will find the environment to be extremely cozy, including termites. This is also the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, which you'll notice an increase of if you don't maintain your gutters. There is a good chance mice and rats will even utilize the standing water and material in your gutters, as this makes a great place for them to call home. Each of these creatures and others can cause major damage to your home so be sure rainwater continues to flow through uninhibited through the gutter system.

Rotten Roof Wood

One of the biggest problems with gutters is that they leave standing water. When this H2O breaches the gutter it will soak into the home's fascia and roof deck. As the water soaks into the wood it will become moist and quickly begin to rot. The restoration of the structural integrity of your home at this point can cost thousands of dollars as your work to replace the damaged wood. This is a very unfortunate occurrence that is very real threat if the gutters are not regularly cleared.

Cracked Foundation

The biggest threat of a problem that occurs at the top of your home may actually happen at the bottom of it. A roof leak can cause leaks in several areas of a home because as the water pools it will overflow and, as mentioned, either seep into the roof deck or drip down to the ground, accumulating near the home's foundation. Water that seeps into the wood near the roof can eventually result in interior roof leaks, but the bigger problem happens down below. As water collects near the foundation it will can result in basement leaks and even cracked foundations. Talk about an expensive repair that could have been easily prevented!

It isn't hard to understand that free and clear gutters are a must to ensure your home's structural integrity and safety. If you need to schedule gutter or roof maintenance in Los Angeles reach out to Accurate Roofing. Our crew is happy to assist with any roofing needs you may have. Give us a call at (424) 348-7582 to request an estimate for roofing services in LA or the surrounding area.

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