Choosing a New Residential Roof

Choosing a New Residential RoofWhen it comes to your home it is important to keep up with all maintenance needs to maintain maximum efficiency and safety. Completing routine services for your electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems are all important, but if the roof that they all fall under fails, well, then they essentially become useless. While roofing maintenance will keep it from needing to be replaced for its entire suggested lifespan, the fact is that most roofs will need to be replaced at some point. If your home is due for a re-roof here are four things to consider when selecting your new roofing style.

Current Style & Condition

If your home is not in need of a new roof there is little reason to replace it, other than investing in a fresh look or if switching to a new roofing material makes sense prior to the need. However, if your current roof is leaking, shingles are coming loose or is near or at the end of its suggested lifespan, you'll want to get in touch with a professional roofer to schedule a roofing estimate for the same style, or talk about a new roofing material that better suits your home and needs.


When considering the type of roofing material that you want to use you'll need to think about your budget. Composite and wood shingle roofing, one of the most common and affordable roofing styles, is often at the top of most people's list because of its durability and great looks.

Plans to Sell

If you are planning on selling your home you may need to replace the roof before buyers will be interested if it is near the end of its lifespan. The cost of replacing the roof will generally be fully recouped in the sale price of the home, but not replacing it could result in a massive decreased final sale price.

Style of Home

The style of home that you live in can in part dictate what type of roofing material you will want. While what we want doesn't always coincide with what we need or can afford, some homes may benefit from a certain type of roofing material for reasons surrounding aesthetics and necessity due to the structure of the home.

If your home is due for a new roof be sure to work with a professional roofer to ensure you end up with the right style based on what appeals to you and your budget. For an accurate residential roofing quote in LA be sure to reach out to Accurate Roofing. Our team would be happy to assist with any of your roofing needs. To learn more about our Los Angeles roofing services give us a call at (424) 348-7582 today.

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